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My spouse just told me about a nomadic serial killer who got arrested in 2012. He confessed to 90 murders. In November 2018, the FBI released a first map of the cases. They recently added more cases. Several victims already have been identified since publication. My spouse will be focusing on identifying an adolescent black trans woman named Mary Anne who got killed in the late 70s. If you're interested, follow my spouse over on the birdsite:

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Hi there! I'm André. I'll be using this to write about music, nature, rock climbing, science, history, politics, and SFW sexuality. I'm handfasted. Our family is graced with 2 children and a dog.

Ich war heute genau 4 Stunden demonstrieren: Wieviel #Demogeld gibt's dafür und von wem kriege ich das? Und gibt's eigentlich Zulagen für über 50jährige?

Why the hell aren't there free public showers?
How are you supposed to say you care what happens to the homeless if you aren't providing this service? We're at a point where "not getting hired for hygiene" is just code for "we don't hire people who aren't financially stable enough already to have their own private hygiene facilities".
“Our capacity to understand, communicate, think, dream is all in creole. People feel free talking in creole and feel oppressed speaking the language of the colonizers.”

damn, time and time again, capitalism proves it's just the best at delivering the most efficient results

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they say a picture is worth more than a thousand words.

the average feature film is 110 minutes long, so at a standard 24fps that's 24*60*110=158,400 pictures. multiplying by a thousand we get 158,400,000, the worth of an average film.

now let's think of a random book, let's go with the bible. of course there are different versions, but the King James bible has 783,137 words. 158400000/783137 ≈ 202.

so at exactly 110 minutes, Disney's Ratatouille is 202 times as good as the bible.

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Hey, people of Mastodon! One of my friends just failed a class (after working her ass off to pass it). She's feeling pretty low, and wondering what's going to be open to her now. I've reassured her that failure is not the end of the world, because I failed, but I'm not sure she believes me.

If you've ever failed at something, big or small, only to succeed later, would you mind sharing your story? I want to show her it's okay.

Boosts welcomed. Thank you!


Anyone within 60 miles of the DC area want to sell me their old 386, 486, or pentium desktops, laptops, accessories, or software?

(People not in the area are also welcome to offer to sell me laptops, light accessories, and some software.)

I don't want to spend a ton of money, but there are *many* formerly common items I'd like to track down.

all these "better than sex" cheesecake recipes im finding make me wonder if all those pinterest mom's needs are being met

The person who shared this on Instagram couldn't find the source, and neither can I (why is reverse image search failing me?) but anyway, whoever designed this progressive Cool S clock is clever and hilarious

The Fuck??? the mueller report is just one page and all it says is "Donald Trump is CANCELLED sis and that's the tea"

#brutaldon now has a minimalist dark theme, so you don't have to have all the bells and whistles turned on to read it at night.

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'Krueger beïnvloedde het leven van miljoenen die zijn naam niet kennen' #nos

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