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Hi there! I'm André. I'll be using this to write about music, nature, rock climbing, science, history, politics, and SFW sexuality. I'm handfasted. Our family is graced with 2 children and a dog.

Etwas präziser formuliert laut der Studie: triggerst du bestimmte Machos mit Verweiblichung, reagieren sie mit Homofeindlichkeit. 😶

Das trifft übrigens m.E. auch auf trans Menschen zu. Triggerst du als trans Mensch bei nem Macho Mann das Gefühl, dass seine Männlichkeit in Frage gestellt wird, reagiert der Mann mit Hass.

Black and Brown people are always deeply aware that we have to at least once or twice in our lifetime use our bodies as tools for political gain. Not for ourselves as individuals but for the greater good of people that look like us. White trans people are increasingly becoming aware of this concept, which is comforting. There isn’t any escape from my body being a political tool. Even if I don’t want it to be, my death would be inherently political. But I don’t really have a choice. White (cis) people do have a choice and need to realize their body symbolizes a lot more than they think when it stands by everyone else’s side.

It’s our responsibility as science fiction writers to make sure you can’t make cool action figures out of whatever our next movement is

Kommen wir mal zu des Pudels Kern: Der Original-Studie von Littman zum Thema ROGD

Methodisch unsauber und daher totally flawed, sorry.

Full !

That tiny little yellow circle flying in the midst of all the artificial lights?

Yeah, that's it.

Gotta love the , courtesy of .


Liebe Follower, die bei arbeiten: Warum kündigt ihr jetzt nicht? Ist wirklich ernst gemeint die Frage. Also haltet ihr euch die Augen und Ohren zu oder meint ihr auch, dass Nazis einen Platz in unserer Gesellschaft haben sollten? Dann habe ich hier keinen.


Added "Gamera, the Giant Monster" (1965), you can watch it here:

Japanese monster movie about a giant turtle woken from its Arctic slumber.

Also known as "Daikaiju Gamera", this is the original Japanese version with English subtitles.

#Gamera #GameraTheGiantMonster #DaikaijuGamera #Kaiju #Monsters #MonsterMovies #Film #Movies #Japan #Japanese #1960s

Gargron must get real tired typing out everyone's toots

please check out my strange drawings and validate me so I draw more lol

Thank god, finally a way to get rid of my books without feeling guilty about throwing them away Show more

You too can put it to the dems by sponsoring the repubs by purchasing a fake-ass brick for the not-so-subtle symbolic amount of $20.20.

Don't like me? That's fine. Hate my opinions. Cool.

But the constant fevered and unhinged attempts to attack my character, the kind of person you think I am, my culture and my basic humanity highlights a deep need to impose a belief that the one who engages in these performances probably doesn't believe in themselves.

We can just agree to disagree and go our separate ways.

Ha, but they can't. I've hit something very fundamental they can't scratch.

So all that hate comes out.

I'm a reasonable person. If you believe me to be wrong, state your case. The most effective way of engaging with me is talking to me as a person.

However, there hasn't been one person who has disagreed with the sentiment that can do so in a rational intelligent manner. Not one.

It's either classically racist taunts or less than clever strings of insults meant to antagonize, intimidate, demean, etc.

Ha, which kind of proves my point about how insufferable white people are.

See how that works?

Okay, so I almost immediately got a bug report and have a fix for it. Anything else before I bump it to rc3?

Cool. I just won my first with help from a complete stranger. Thank you, !

The snow feels surprisingly warm. The temperature outside reads 37° Fahrenheit. And I nearly slipped at the top of the concrete stairs at my train station. Oh, dear.

I use coconut oil to stop my scalp from flaking, and keep my eczema flare-ups under control.

It works great.

So now, instead if frizzy hair, I sport greasy hair.

I'm a greaser. The 50s have returned. With a 70s hairdo.

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