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Here's my introductory toot. I'm a software developer. I have some toy stuff on GitHub (including my 2006 incomplete implementation of TI Basic for TI 99/4a). Enoy learning , and . I primarily use C# at work (who am I kidding, I rarely cod at work anymore). I have a blog, but haven't posted in years. I'll get back to that. I like running.

Current project: learning how to distribute some shell scripts via a custom homebrew formula for and .

I like

GitHub - dsw/proquint: Proquints: Identifiers that are Readable, Spellable, and Pronounceable.

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hey so!!! are you asking a specific question online and not getting any help?

make a second account and answer your own question incorrectly

people will be piling on to correct you with specific explanations within an hour

it works literally every time ive been doing it for years

Good morning! If you’re in the US and a citizen get your ass to your polling station today. Yes, you.

I'm a tech/gadget enthusiast that's been in the IT industry since early 90s.

Other interests - MMOs, photography, wet shaving & vintage razors, table top gaming, scifi and other geeky pastimes..

play -n synth sq C trim 0 4 vol 0.2 chorus 1 1 21 1 4 10 -s bend 0,2400,4 fade 0.1 4 2 # I'm outta here for today. Have fun.

"Because I may have my reservations about excessive political correctness, but honestly, I absolutely do not want to be seen as being in the same camp as the low-life scum on the internet that think it's OK to be a white nationalist Nazi, and have some truly nasty misogynistic, homophobic or transphobic behaviour.” — Linus

Happy birthday to GNU. This is the original announcement of the GNU Project, posted by Richard Stallman on September 27, 1983.

If you’re on a Mac, use Safari. It has great privacy protections, and Apple keeps innovating privacy improvements more than any other browser vendor. They recently added anti-fingerprinting and prevent tracking you via social widgets when you don’t interact with them (FB like button, etc)


in office365 excluding the APT option which I can't afford, is there a method to turn any html link into plain text?

what am I trying to do?

I'd like to keep html mails, but stop incoming mails having any clickable links or images with links in the mail.

if office365 can't do it directly I'm down with putting an opensource server Infront of office365 to strip the urls if needed.

open to suggestions

Just started playing Factorio. It's been meditative. It made me realize I'm way too quick to make a 99% automated system which in the end has 1% me. And that if it's not 100%, it's not really automated.

Welcome @danielluz and @hobbitdudesimon .

Feel free to write an introduction post. Let me know if you need help finding people to follow.

From Harry Potter 1: ok, right. Detentions for you four. Your punishment for being out of the castle late at night with hagrid is to go into the deadly woods late at night with hagrid.

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